Monday, March 21, 2016

What Would You Do? A Poem.

Columbus made it back to Spain
In early fourteen ninety-three.
That is when he found an inn
And met three captains of degree.

Greeting them, he said, "I'm Chris.
And I just sailed across the sea.
I found new land where no one's been
Except my ships, my crew and me."

The skippers scoffed, "That's quite a tale.
But, sir, we wholly disagree.
For we have sailed the oceans too
And seen all that there is to see."

"I tell the truth. The world is round.
This I can prove no doubt to thee!
Go get your bags and thirty real,
Then come and sail beyond with me."

All red in tooth and claw, they laughed -
Old Ben, and Jasper and JT.
"The Earth is flat. We're sure of that.
We wouldn't ride with you for free!"

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